3B (Big Dream, Big Network, Big Money) 

Who WE Are

Opesh Group was established in 2005 by Mr Opesh Singh. He started his Business in the young age of 21 year in Drilling and mining sectors in India. In the Age of 27 years he reach in African Markets and successful running his business in many African countries from last 13 years. Opesh singh is a youngest Businessman and Consultant who built his portfolio of multinational business owner from Scratch in a small time of 13 years.
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Welcome to Opesh Group 

Helping companies succeed in International Markets. Opesh Group is a leading international business development and marketing consulting group that specialize in helping small,medium and large- sized enterprises to create sustainable growth through successful expansion into international Market. We offer a wide range of global business solution to help business succeed in international markets including international business development. Our team of international professionals, economists, regional planners, extensive experience of design, management specialist developers has the expertise and knowledge to help your company succeed globally.



  • Business Coaching
  • Business Promotions
  • Results Achieved

Businss Coaching 

Opesh Singh is a International coach and consultant who always give real solutions to his clients. Every day by day coaching is personally provided by Mr Opesh singh have specializes designed to his clients business portfolio. Mr Opesh singh and his associate teams make an action plan to maximize super growth in various areas of your Business. By using Opesh singh tactics, business plans, strategies you will be able to innovate and get a super fast Growth in your Business.

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Opesh Group Business promotion is ready to introduce you to international market, international exibitions. we can promote your product in oversees market, we can also provide you to get international certifications that will helps you to lounch your product oversees. Our team of international professionals, economists, regional planners, extensive of design, management specialists, developers has expertise and knowledge to help his clients succeed globally.

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result achived                     

Result Achived 

•Improved focus on goal setting and goal achievement
•Application of Situational Leadership (or other concepts recently learned in training) concepts at the job site
•Improved performance management practices with employees, including performance assessment and feedback
•Expanded skills and competencies
•An internal coaching culture, with improved relationships between managers and direct reports
•Improved morale

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Opesh Group Services

Opesh Group offers more than 15 Direct services and otther reliated services including free offers.

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Needs Financing?

Opesh Group have link with international banks and other financers, We offer more than just advice and reports.

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Upcoming Events

Opesh Group Upcoming Events are avilable here, collect from all clients, from oll over the world.

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Opesh Group Products

Opesh Group Ofeers its productss, Our portfolio reflects our commitment to meeting your preferences.

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